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Hello, Love!
I'm Tawny

Specializing in empowering women with the hair they have always dreamed of having!

"I have many passions in life. Hair is one, but I also love to travel, read books, binge the newest shows, and bake! I can't wait to meet you and find out what fills your life with joy and happiness!"


Hello beautiful! Thank you so much for your interest in joining me on my journey of empowering women with the hair of their dreams! I'm Tawny Palm, born and raised in Castle Rock, Colorado and am still proudly making the women of Castle Rock and surrounding areas feel beautiful and confident with long, healthy hair full of dimension and shine!

I have been a stylist for 17+ years and have never been more in love with my clients or my art. When you sit in my chair nothing else in the world matters to me. I love getting to know each and every client on a personal level! Tell me about your hair goals, concerns, desires, and more. Then lets get to the fun stuff! Tell me all about what makes you, you! 

I love being creative! I used to do art in school and was quite decent at it but never liked it very much! HAHA. So I get my creativity on by making hair my canvas. I specialize in multi-dimensional long hair and hair extensions. Nothing is more important to me than helping you achieve the hair of your dreams! My second top priority is making sure you feel HEARD and intently listened to during our time together.

My husband and I are high school sweethearts. We met when we were 17 at Douglas County High School right before I began my journey into the world of becoming a hair stylist. We are travel gurus! If you ever want to talk traveling backpacker style across the globe, I am your girl! Or if you want to chat about your next vacation I love that too! We also try to go into the mountains every chance we get to go hiking or camping. And when there is time for a long weekend we try to take off to a beach!

I love to bake! One of my favorite things to bake is French Macarons! Sometimes if you're lucky you will get to sample one while you're in the salon! It is so fun to experiment with different flavors and colors! Let me know if you have any suggestions or want to try a specific flavor!

If you would like to join me on my journey, while also achieving the healthy, hair of your dreams, you can click below to book an appointment with me. I am so excited to meet you and build a long lasting relationship with you!

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