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Confidence Through Hair

The Hand-Tied Hair Extension Experience
At Tawny Nicole Hair Design

Whether you're seeking the confidence-boost of fuller hair or looking to add several inches of length,  Hand-Tied, Beaded Row Hair Extensions are the safest and most natural-looking extensions available today. 

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Before I Tell You All About These Life-Changing Extensions, Let's Talk About Who Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Are Really For...

​Whether you are...

  • The woman whose hair has thinned over the years and looking to add volume and fullness back to her hair

  • The woman whose hair doesn't grow past a certain length or has experienced breakage and looking to add some length and volume

  • The woman who is ready for a total transformation and wants hair that tucks into her pants #mermaidlife

You're in the right place and I'm going to show you exactly how hand-tied, beaded row hair extensions can give you the ultimate shift in your self-confidence without all of the high-maintenance stereotypes that come with extensions.

Before & After


What to expect at your first visit!

As a first time extensions guest you will receive a very thorough, one on one consultation. We will go over all things extensions beginning with your hair dreams and goals, your questions and concerns, maintenance routine, and aftercare. When you decide you are ready we will color match you and schedule your installation appointment.

All installation appointments includes he hand-tied hair installation, a precision blended cut, beautiful curls and an extension after-care kit to ensure you have everything you need to protect your investment. We've got plenty of hot and cold beverages and snacks available for you, too!

Ready to experience hand-tied hair extensions for yourself? Click the link below to fill out my pre-consultation form so I can create a customized quote based on your specific hair goals. I cannot wait to see you in my chair!



Frequently Asked Questions

What type of hair extensions do you offer?

I am certified in a few different brands and methods. All are applied by attaching a row of beads onto the hair and sewing the hair onto the beads. There is no adhesive involved in the methods I do. This is to help prevent any damage to your natural hair.

What is the maintenance like for hair extensions?

The maintenance for hair extensions is actually very minimal! You can wash, blowdry, and style exactly how you style your own hair! When you curl them, they stay for days! So Dry Shampoo becomes your best friend!It is very important to have your stylist do the required maintenance every 4-6 weeks. This helps prevent damage and breakage in the hair.

What products should I use?

Always use professional high end products on your hair extensions. This will help prolong the life of the hair. I highly recommend Oribe or J Beverly Hills Platinum products. It is necessary to use shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, heat protectant, and an oil. 

How often do I need to come in for appointments?

Every 4-6 weeks. It depends on how quickly your hair grows, the texture of your hair, the health of your scalp, and your lifestyle. We will choose the best type of application method based on all of the above factors. After the initial application, you will need to come back for either a mini move up or a full take out and put back in. Appointments range from 30 min for a mini move up to 2 hours for a full application.

Will they damage my natural hair?

With proper at -home care, beaded wefts are not damaging.  At your initial install appointment we will show you how to properly care for your extensions and send you home with a hair care kit and instructions so you will have everything you need for them.

How long does the hair last?

The hair lasts 6-9 months! As long as you are taking very good care of the hair we can re-use it for months!

How should I do my hair for the initial install appointment?

Please show up with your hair clean, dry, and straight for every extensions appointment.

How much do hair extensions cost?

The cost of hair extensions can vary immensely based on what we decide is best for you! Book a consultation so we can have a chat about what all you're looking for!

What brand of hair do you use?

I source the hair from a number of professional brands and suppliers in order to best meet your needs and to offer a variety of color options.  All of the hair I work with is the highest quality human hair.

What are Hand-Tied hair extensions?

Hand-tied hair extensions are wefts of hair that are tied to a string by a human instead of a machine. This prevents bulkiness at the scalp to ensure that your hair lays flat against your head with the ultimate flexibility.

Top tips for maintaining your
extensions for long term!

  • Use only the best products on the hair extensions

  • Braid it every night before bed

  • Never leave the wefts wet. You do not have to blow dry the whole thing but at least blow dry the wefts. They can mold if you do not.

  • Never go to bed with wet hair.

  • Brush the hair regularly. Begin on the ends, brushing gently, then work your way up to the top of your head. Be cautious around the wefts. You can pull out your natural hair if you brush aggressively over the beads. Or in some cases you can break the string and pull beads out, detaching the weft from the head.

  • Don't be afraid to scrub with your hands around the beads. They can get build up and then it is hard to move the beads up. Using a scalp scrub is best! 

  • Use a heat protectant when heat styling.

  • Do NOT color the extensions.

  • Keep away from sunscreen.

  • Consider coming in to the salon every 2-3 weeks between maintenance appointments for a shampoo and style!

  • Enjoy them! They can be loads of fun to play with!



Each extension application is very unique and will vary based on your specific hair goals! All "Maintenance" appointments include a shampoo and blow dry!

Fullness and Volume

This option is great for you if you are just looking to add fullness and not length

Full Application $350+

Maintenance $315+

**Hair is NOT included**


This option is great for you if you are looking for fullness and length

Full Application $490+

Maintenance $315+

**Hair is NOT included**


This option is ideal if you have big hair dreams! This will give you the thickest, fullest, longest hair possible!  This is also the best option if you have significantly shorter hair than your desired length or if you want more length and your natural hair is very thick.

Full Application $600+

Maintenance $350+

**Hair is NOT included**

Additional Services

Mini Move Up - $72+

Removal - $75+

Extensions Shampoo & Style - $150+

*Additional charges may apply if there is matting or removal is timely


*Color of natural hair is priced ala carte



"This was my first time getting hair extensions and I am beyond grateful for Tawny and the amazing work she did! Not only did she put in the extensions with extreme care and thought, she also helped me feel prepared for them! When I first saw my new hair I was in disbelief! It was absolutely gorgeous and still is! I feel so lucky to have Tawny as a stylist to help me feel beautiful!"

Julie Nasser

"I decided to get extensions to add length to my hair, because I never feel like it is long enough. However, what I didn't expect was to fall in love with the added thickness! My hair is naturally thick, but now with the added extension, I can have a beautiful thick side braid! Tawny did a fantastic job of putting the extensions in and making them blend with my hair. I can wear my hair straight or curly and you can't tell where my hair ends and the extensions begin!

Erin Ruemele

"Tawny is an amazing extension artist and colorist. She is organized and communicative about appointments. Her work is stunning. Her extension brand is the first one I have tried that doesn't shrink. She offers quick mini move up appointments which was new to me. This service alone is very valuable. I will continue to have her tend to my gorgeous mermaid hair."

Courtney Gasperson

"I was referred to Tawny for my bridal hair. The services included a trial, extensions installation, and day of services for myself and my 9 girls. She is highly skilled with hair extensions installations and perfectly matched my hair color with a high quality product. Her salon uses Oribe and that's a huge plus too! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Tawny."

Kathryn LaMountain

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