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The Luxury Experience

Do you want a day in the salon of pure bliss and relaxation? It truly doesn't get any better than this!! My biggest joy about doing hair is providing a relaxing and incredibly enjoyable experience to you! I want you to leave the salon feeling better and more confident than when you walked in! You won't want to miss out on this!

Self care is extremely important for our overall health. Sometimes we need a little push to make it a priority. We all live busy and crazy lives. When you take care of yourself you will feel better, not just today but long term!

This package is perfect if you want to be beyond pampered, are feeling a bit down lately, need some stress relief, are having a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, or just want to splurge on yourself!

This service includes a full luxury blonding and/or dimensional service. You will get an in depth custom consultation along with any combination of a root smudge/touch up, balayage, any foil service, toner, luxury deep conditioning treatment paired with a hot towel treatment and essential oil of your choice, and signature haircut or micro trim, and style lesson! This is the most luxury service I offer! This is a great service for you if you are looking for a complete change or just want the full in salon luxury experience. Expect to be pampered for about half a day!

Choose "New Dimensions Luxe" when you book! If your hair is below your bra strap or is super thick please choose the "New Dimension Luxe (Long or Thick hair)" when you book below! 

New Dimensions Luxe

Are you concerned about the condition of your hair? Do you struggle with dry or brittle hair? Does your hair have no life to it? Then this service is for you!

The hot towel treatment will revitalize your hair! It will add shine, softness, life, and protect your color as well as protecting your hair from the outside elements!

And don't forget the style lesson you will receive! We will go over all the products used to create the look you want! As well as the proper tools and how to use them!

Still unsure?


~ Comprehensive consultation

~ Root retouch or root smudge

~ Full, partial, mini, or balayage

~ Shampoo with hot towel treatment and essential oil of your choice

~ The most relaxing in depth head massage

~ Toner

~ Customized haircut

~ Detailed blow dry

~ Style lesson

~ Thank you gift

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